Club Prizegiving Winners, 2004/05

The club held a successful prizegiving evening at Robbie's on Riccarton on Tuesday 29th March, featuring guest speaker and awards presenter, former Black Caps coach Denis Aberhart. Nigel Tubb was the big winner on the night, taking home four awards - most improved, most runs (in one grade, and in any grade) and the grand prize of club player of the year. Congratulations to all winners! The full list of awards:

Most Ducks Cup

Winners: David O'Meara (6th 'B' Men, 5) and Chris McFarlin (6th 'A' Men, 5)
Others: Jeremy Clarkson (6th 'A' Men, 4), Matt Lawson (3rd Men, 4), Sandy MacLeod (Premier Men, 4)

Most Sixes

Winner: Matt Sutherland (6th 'A' Men, 21)
Others: Ryan Watson (Premier Men, 17), Kelvin Scott (2nd Men, 10), Andrew Bailey (Premier Men, 10), Grant Lucas (4th 'B' Men, 9)


Winners: Brad Eyre (3rd Men, 4-0) and Matt Lawson (3rd Men, 5-15)

Most Economical Bowling Figures (8 overs)

Winner: Jason Guest (Presidents Men, 8-6-3-1)
Others: Trudy Rolton (2nd Women, 8-3-6-1), Scott Mason (4th 'B' Men, 8-4-6-1), Roger Ford (4th 'B' Men, 8-5-8-2)

Most Economical Bowling Figures (9 overs)

Winner: Alice Forbes (1st Reserve Women, 9-4-7-1)

Most Economical Bowling Figures (10 overs)

Winner: Kelvin Scott (2nd Men, 10-4-14-4)
Others: Chris Harris (Premier Men, 10-3-16-6)

Highest Individual Score

Winner: Matt Sutherland (6th 'A' Men, 201*)
Others: Katrina Jaques (3rd Women, 170), Clare Nicholas (3rd Women, 167*), Ryan Watson (Premier Men, 158*), Naomi Wallace (2nd Women, 145*)

Best Bowling Figures

Winner: Kadian McDonald (1st Reserve Women, 8-26)
Others: Dave Guthrie (3rd Men, 7-21), Chris Harris (Premier Men, 6-16), Bryce Hackett (3rd Men, 6-22), Chris Newson (2nd Men, 6-35)

Most Runs Scored Off An Over (as a batsman)

Winners: Mike Satterthwaite (Presidents Men, 23) and Ryan Watson (Premier Men, 23)
Others: Pat Gallagher (6th 'A' Men, 21), Michael Johns (3rd Men, 19), Andy Bryant (3rd Men, 18), Everton Snell (6th 'B' Men, 18), Ash Blacknell (3rd Men, 17), Naomi Wallace (2nd Women, 17), Ty Butterfield (4th 'A' Men, 17)

Most Runs Conceded Off An Over (as a bowler)

Winner: Pat Gallagher (6th 'A' Men, 25)
Others: Brad Smith (Premier Men, 22), David O'Meara (6th 'B' Men, 22), Dave Jackson (4th 'A' Men, 21), James Hawley (2nd Men, 20)

Best All-rounder

Winner: Everton Snell (6th 'B' Men, 803 runs, 32 dismissals)
Others: Ryan Watson (Premier Men, 654 runs, 40 wickets), James Hawley (2nd Men, 550 runs, 34 wickets), Pat Gallagher (6th 'A' Men, 378 runs, 26 wickets)

Rod McCurdy Award
[ for faux pas, cricketing misdemeanours, peccadillos and violations of cricketing etiquette, skill and social acceptability ]

Winner: Ian Smith (4th 'A' Men, for charging around the boundary and literally climbing on top of a fielder from the adjacent Presidents Grade game, who was standing inside their boundary on the overlapping fields, to take a spectacular catch in the fashion of an Aussie Rules-style 'mark'!)

Gunna Award
[ for claiming they were 'gunna do this' and 'gunna do that' many times during the season ]

Winner: Andrew Bailey (Premier Men, for getting himself suspended for three weeks thanks to a code of conduct violation, and claiming to come back better than ever once the sentence was served, only to get himself injured a couple of days before the big comeback, ruling himself out for the remainder of the season!)

Stumbling Block Award
[ for falling at the final hurdle ]

Winner: Graham Curgenven (4th 'B' Men, for sitting on 299 career wicket-keeping dismissals during the last match of the season, and the No 11 batsman charges down the track having a wild swing only to miss ... except the 'keeper misses the ball altogether and the easy stumping, and remains stuck on 299 career dismissals for another 6 months!)

Special Award

Winner: Naomi Wallace (2nd Women, for averaging 321, having only batted 4 times for the 2nds all season)

Personality of the Year

Winner: Peter Mayell

Noel Love Memorial Trophy
[ for the older St Albans member who shows outstanding enthusiasm, dedication, camaraderie and social interaction, both on and off the field ]

Winner: Selwyn Cox

Peers Cup
[ club member contributing most on and off the field ]

Winner: Duane Pettet

Most Improved Players of the Year

Winners: Nigel Tubb (Premier Men) and Amy Satterthwaite (1st Women)

Most Promising Players of the Year

Winners: Andrew Cuttriss (2nd Men) and Amanda Dickie (1st Women)

Frank O'Brien Memorial Cup
[ most runs in one grade ]

Winner: Nigel Tubb (Premier Men, 879)
Others: Everton Snell (6th 'B' Men, 803), Matt Sutherland (6th 'A' Men, 788), Ryan Watson (Premier Men, 654), Kelvin Scott (2nd Men, 568), Blair Glover (3rd Men, 561)

Cyril Crawford Memorial Cup
[ most runs in any grade ]

Winner: Nigel Tubb (Premier Men, 879)
Others: Everton Snell (6th 'B' Men, 803), Matt Sutherland (6th 'A' Men, 788), Ryan Watson (Premier Men, 654), James Hawley (Premier/2nd Men, 598)

Tom Burtt Memorial Cup
[ most wickets in one grade ]

Winner: Ryan Watson (Premier Men, 40)
Others: Jeremy Clarkson (6th 'A' Men, 35), Jonathan Miles (2nd Men, 35), Ray Brown (4th 'A' Men, 34), James Hawley (2nd Men, 34)

Don Sandman Memorial Cup
[ most wickets in any grade ]

Winner: Jonathan Miles (Premier/2nd Men, 50)
Others: Ryan Watson (Premier Men, 40), Scott Mason (4th 'B' Men, 39), James Hawley (Premier/2nd Men, 38), Jeremy Clarkson (6th 'A' Men, 35)

Bob Webb Memorial Cup
[ most wicket-keeping dismissals in one grade ]

Winner: Aaron Johnstone (Premier Men, 41)
Others: Everton Snell (6th 'B' Men, 32), Jonathan Price (Presidents Men, 30), Rowan Milburn (1st Women, 17), Dave Wilkinson (6th 'A' Men, 14), Graham Curgenven (4th 'B' Men, 12)

Team Players of the Year

Winners: Ryan Watson (Premier Men), James Hawley (2nd Men), Blair Glover (3rd Men), Ty Butterfield (4th 'A' Men), Nathan Tikao (4th 'B' Men), Matt Sutherland (6th 'A' Men), Everton Snell (6th 'B' Men), Jonathan Price (Presidents Men), Hannah Rae (1st Women), Kadian McDonald (1st Reserve Women), Amy Turner (2nd Women)

Club Player of the Year

Winner: Nigel Tubb (Premier Men)