Saturday, March 31, 2012

Premier Men (Two-day) Marist-Harewood Hagley 1 10.30am
2A Men (Two-day) Old Boys Collegians Elmwood 1 10.30am
3A Men (One-day) Predators Ilam 1 1.00pm
4A Men (One-day) Merivale-Papanui TE Connectivity Nunweek 1 1.00pm
4B Men (One-day) Richmond Hospital Corner 1 1.00pm
President's Men (One-day) East Christchurch Shirley Blue Hagley 4 1.00pm
Div 2 Women (One-day) Sydenham 29 Polo 4 (a) 12.30pm
Social T20 Women (Twenty20) Burnside West University Burnside 3 2.00pm
Year 7/8 Girls (CG 7) (One-day) Marist-Harewood 11 Polo 1 (a) 9.00am
Year 5/6 Girls (CG 8) (One-day) Merivale-Papanui G Hospital Corner 3 (a) 9.00am
Girls S8s (CG 9) (Super 8s) Sydenham 31 Hospital Corner 4 (a) 9.00am
  • Weather information from the New Zealand Metservice: Forecast | Rain radar
  • signifies a pitch map for that venue is available
  • (a) signifies artificial pitch
  • Grounds are linked to Christchurch City Council/Wises maps of their locations in the city
  • The above draw is as first released and is subject to change. To check for late changes and for details of the whole week's draw see the official Canterbury Cricket Association draws and results web site.