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St Albans Cricket Club - 2013/14 Registration

Please read the terms and conditions below before registering for the 2013/14 season. You can also pay online at the same time if you wish, via our secure server. All registration and payment details are encrypted using Comodo's SSL (secure sockets layer) 256-bit encryption. SSL Certificate

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  • I wish to play cricket for St. Albans Cricket Club for the 2013/14 season and I undertake to pay the appropriate subscription, listed below, on or before 30 November 2013. I am also aware that payment received after this date will require me to pay the following year's subscription in advance unless extraordinary circumstances exist and prior arrangements have been made with the Club Committee.

  • I acknowledge that teams will be entered into the CCA inter-club competition solely on the basis of registrations received by Opening Day. I am aware that should insufficient numbers be received for the grade/s for which I am eligible and/or I am not selected for an alternative team, then I am entitled to a full refund of any subscription I have already paid.

  • I am also aware that should an unforeseen change occur in my circumstances before the Christmas break which precludes me from playing any more cricket for the season then I am entitled to a refund of half of my subscription.

  • I agree to be bound by the constitution of the club and its by-laws and to uphold its standards, traditions and reputation.

Limited availability option

I am only available for less than half of the available playing days this season and wish to apply for a half-subscription. I agree to immediately pay the balance of a full subscription should I become available for, or play on more than half the playing days this season. I acknowledge that in the selection of teams for which I am eligible members who have paid a full subscription will receive preference.


  • Adult male/female ($270.00)
  • Full-time University/Polytech male/female ($200.00)
  • Adult member (President's grade) ($220.00)
  • Adult member (Twenty20 grade) ($120.00)
  • Secondary School student ($135.00)
  • Junior Cricket ($70.00)
  • Kiwi Cricket ($70.00)
  • MILO Have-A-Go Cricket ($70.00)
  • Social member (non-playing) ($70.00)

Use of Personal Information and declaration

I authorise St Albans Cricket Club to retain and use the personal information I have submitted only for the purpose of club administration and to inform me of matters which the club feels may be of interest to me.

Subscriptions Officer
St Albans Cricket Club Inc.
PO Box 1919, Christchurch
New Zealand