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St Albans Cricket Club Inc, 2017/18 Officers

Mr I D Dempsey

Life Members:
Messrs I D Dempsey, R D J Mather, A G Jamieson,
S J D Cox, L N Serra, G J Curgenven,
J Z Harris, Mrs A J Mitchell and Mrs E W Horne

Honorary Auditor:
Bruce G Harris, Chartered Accountant

President: Chairman:
Mr G J Curgenven Mr G P Flavell
Men's Club Captain: Women's Club Captain:
Mr C A M Gibbens Mr R H Thomas
Honorary Secretary: Honorary Treasurer:
Mr S A Mason Mr B A Smith
Junior Convener: IT Manager:
Miss T P Weston Mr D E Pettet
Bar Manager:  
Mr R L Carrigan  

Management Committee:
Messrs M R Griffin, J Hillary, A F Johnstone
R J Mather, B J van Beurten and Ms S C French