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Detailed History of the St Albans Cricket Club

The 1930s
[ St Albans Centennial Book (1905-2005) ]
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Financially, the club and many of its members were battling. Concessions were made to those who found it difficult to pay their full dues in times of depression. The 1932 annual report disclosed a bank balance of just four pounds, with 10 times that amount owed in unpaid subscriptions.

In 1934 St Albans was offered the chance to relocate to Rugby Park. It was declined on the grounds that the costs had not been clearly defined, a drop in membership numbers was probable, and because of the history and traditions being built up at Hagley Park.

St Albans gained some much needed bowling depth to complement its free scoring batsmen in the mid-1930s. Tom Burtt took the first 20 or so of his 754 wickets, and Ted Mulcock claimed the first of his 523 victims. Mulcock went on to capture a hat-trick in an analysis of eight for 61 while playing for Canterbury against Otago.

The 1920s < Index > The World War II years

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