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Detailed History of the St Albans Cricket Club

[ St Albans Centennial Book (1905-2005) ]
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On behalf of the executive and committee of the St Albans Cricket Club, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 100th anniversary celebrations of our club.

We hope that you enjoyed your centennial weekend and that you have been able to attend several or all of the activities that the organising committee of Selwyn Cox, Graham Curgenven, Scott Mason, Lindsay Serra and myself have organised for you. We also thank Bob Mather and Noel McGregor and their helpers for organising the golf and bowls part of the weekend.

Obviously it has been a time to meet old playing mates and friends, relive the days when you were associated with the St Albans Cricket Club, view old memorabilia and photographs and meet the players who we have now. We are sure that many a yarn has been told or retold over a beer or wine during the various events and many old friendships have been rekindled.

Our club has survived some difficult times: the great depression, war years, ground issues, relegation threats, social concerns, local body and government legislation, lack of numbers and financial setbacks to name a few, but we have weathered these adversities to become one of New Zealand's leading clubs.

The challenge ahead is to make sure a group of administrators, players and supporters are found to continue the present momentum and ensure the history, traditions, profile, success and growth of the club are preserved and fostered.

Taken over a range of criteria we have arguably a top 10 New Zealand cricket club now, but cricket is not played in the 'now'. We must be proactive and open-minded about where cricket and, particularly, club cricket might be positioned in the years to come.

Cricket may not be played, as we know it now, in 20 or 30 years time. We must be leaders in any change and embrace the new ideas, formats and geographic changes that may evolve or be presented by the authorities, as they strive to keep the game alive and well.

We will never forget all the administrators and former playing members that have got the club to 100. Your work and effort has all contributed to where the club is positioned today.

Good luck to the next generation of players and administrators. Hopefully many of us will meet again when the club celebrates its 125th birthday.

Alan Jamieson
President and Chairman of the Centennial Committee

The St Albans Cricket Club would like to acknowledge with thanks the contributions of John Coffey, Duane Pettet and Alan Newton (Toltech Print) who were responsible for the research, writing, statistics and printing of this publication. Thank you.

Index > The formative years

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