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Detailed History of the St Albans Cricket Club

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[ St Albans Centennial Book (1905-2005) ]
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While the feats of the cricketers out in the middle are the most visible attributes of any sports club, none would survive without the selfless efforts of those who work away in the background.

St Albans owes so much to a large group of professional and dedicated administrators over the years, from those who were involved in the formation of the district scheme in 1905 to the present day.

Other clubs have felt the strength of St Albans over the last 25 or so years can be attributed to a talented group of officials who have continued the outstanding deeds of such as Charles Collins, Bob Knowles, Ian Dempsey, Arthur Graves and many other members who held office at club, Canterbury and, in some cases, New Zealand levels.

Among the most prominent in modern times have been:

Alan Jamieson, the president and chairman for the last 25 years. Alan has overseen extensive building alterations, the staging of twilight cricket, the introduction of professional coaches, the raising of the club's profile and without doubt has been the driving force and catalyst for many other club initiatives and development plans.

Selwyn Cox, club bar manager for more than 20 years. Selwyn's expertise and knowledge of the club's hospitality requirements have ensured a healthy and regular return from the bar.

Lindsay Serra, the treasurer since 1984, whose responsibilities have included IRD returns, fringe benefits, tax, PAYE, the payment of coaches and establishing new methods of financial reporting. Lindsay's adroit and accurate management of the club's accounts have been a cornerstone of the club's settled management practices.

Graham Curgenven, who has held a plethora of positions for a lengthy period, including chairman, subscriptions officer, webmaster and social coordinator.

Eleanor Horne, a thoroughly professional secretary for 14 years. Since her retirement in 1999 Eleanor has become the club's very popular caterer.

St Albans has also been fortunate to have had such efficient and accurate scorers such as the late Ron Johnson, Euan West, Mark Ogier, Geoff Gambles and Peter Mayell, who have all attained representative appointments in their own sphere. All have given their time and expertise in a cheerful and committed way.

St Albans has raised its first century in such a healthy state because of the whole-hearted contributions of so many men and women who filled the various official positions, and also those members and friends of the club who have freely given of their time when asked to help.

The new millennium and beyond < Index > St Albans teams of the century

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